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They met in 2005 on the set of The Surreal Life, a reality TV show in which they lived together with others as housemates.Adrianne later said that she started looking at bridal magazines two weeks after they first met. After their divorce, Christopher said that whilst there was always a lot of drama, he was glad to have met her when he did.More often than not relationships that begin on-screen are doomed to fail.Perhaps it is the artificial set-up under which the two people involved have met; perhaps it’s the public scrutiny.Whatever the reason, few relationships that begin on a reality TV show tend to last.

(It was also rumored that Tyra was disenchanted with Adrianne for posing nude in Playboy.) Since ANTM, Adrianne has modeled for many magazines, including Life and Style Weekly, Us Weekly, Star, OK!

A huge sci-fi movie geek, she regualrly attends Comic Con and is the host and executive producer of the web-only show, Adrianne Curry's Super Fans.

"As a semi-celeb, I am sick and tired of people coming down on me for being pro-marijuana," Curry tells Celeb Stoner.

"I believe pot is safer than alcohol or anything else for that matter.

I can only hope our government can find a way to make as much money off making it legal as they have making it illegal!

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