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Stone has offered to help his student with some one on one tutoring, but despite the extra attention, Dakota confesses that he just can't seem to focus. Stone that he's too distracted by that, looking down at the bulge in Mr. He asks Dakota if he's ever touched a man's body and Dakota says he hasn't.

Dakota proves to be a quick study as he devours Mike's dick, sucking the head and then working his way down the shaft.

And then they all just get up and walk away really abruptly, leaving Kevin and Jack to cuddle for a second say and say, “You were great.” “No, you were great.” “No, you.” I stand by my original belief that any orgy with more than five people is just kind of a headache to watch. Gay Male Escorts & Male Massage M4M Celebrity Sword Unlimited Access to Over 10,000 Gay Porn Scenes With Naked Sword Membership!

It’s not like a scene gets hotter by just multiplying the number of dicks. I’d argue that the hotness of an orgy peaks at around 4 cocks, with the occasional 5-man scene still being potentially hot but never guaranteed, as somebody inevitably ends up standing on the sidelines holding his own dick and trying to shove it in an open mouth. Special Offer: Get 15 Minutes Free On Naked Sword VOD!

Gabriel Alanzo finds that the hard that nobody messes with Johnny Law.

But after seeing Johnny V in the topping performance of his career, felons are going to be dropping trou from coast to coast for their turn to have their asses rehabilitated.

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