Icetv guide not updating

We have had 1 previous PVR that was compatible with ITV, the second PVR we bought direct from ITV which supposedly had a lifetime subscription to ITV.

After the company got into financial trouble and was reincarnated I then had to pay for the subscription.

Ice TV is an Australian company providing an independently curated Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for digital free-to-air television as well as Smart Recording Software.

Ice TV offers a Ti Vo-like service and provides series recording, keyword recording and advanced searching for compatible devices.

Currently the best source of guide data is the EIT content being broadcast by the Free TV networks over DVB-T.

Implementation Guide for the DVB Event Information Table (EITp/f) provides good with interoperability with Myth TV.

It is unknown what purpose these companies have in trying to prevent their TV guides being used by their audience, possibly some misguided sense of copyright. These sites have been the most detailed and accurate source of data but constantly break.

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The guide auditing system passes through a two-stage verification process.These grabbers have frequently stopped working because of efforts from companies such as Nine-MSN to obfuscate the data.Each time, the workaround is trivial, but the continual changes are draining on the volunteers maintaining the grabbers.This review is for the Ice TV Service, not the PVR so keep this in mind. Daylight saving is a pain due to changes in time zones (I live on the NSW / QLD border ).The App is a little clunky and the software on the PVR and ITV has some minor user interface problems although isn't an issue once you get to know how it all works. It's unique and brilliant but just lacks a little polish.

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