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When reading the reports of what happened once Raw goes off the air in recent years, it seems like WWE just gives the fans a bonus match if anything at all to keep the fans happen, but during the Attitude Era, the show was never over when the cameras stopped rolling.

I have fond memories of Stone Cold Steve Austin coming out and laying out the heels several times when I attended Raw during the Attitude Era.

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Off to continuing to gettin' that booty bigger! 😳 Damn it can be so hard but when you start to see results it's so worth it!We chatted with Lilian about scoring the gig, facing her fears, and becoming the most well-rounded live performer on television today.Imagine Sara Callaway had actually come into the WWE as a wrestler. Her ups and downs, how she and Mark Callaway got together, her triumphs and failures. Featuring Batista, Benoit, Lilian Garcia, John Cena, Chavo Guerrero, Ashley Massaro.[AU]One of Vince's recently fired employees decides to get revenge by kidnapping the bosses daughter, which proves tough when she's out on a trip with her husband and 4 friends who have problems of their own.These moments were a blast and Austin always set the crowd on fire with his hilarious theatrics after Raw was over.“Raw: After the Show” perfectly captures what fans experienced when they attended a show from the late 90s to the mid-2000s.

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