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The Bible speaks about origins and this study examines Biblical genealogy to find the origin of the Oriental peoples, the worlds largest family of nations.The orient has the largest population group of earth.

But this conclusion does not take east Asia into account (half of humanity) and gives only a small portion to Shem.

Theresa May, just back from seeing the Queen, gave those slippery Eurocrats a terrific clobbering.

She knew precisely what they were up to and they should keep their continental noses out of our general election.‘Threats against Britain have been issued,’ she said coldly. The May handbag, already loaded, swivelled, calibrated, whirred. ‘Britain means no harm to our friends and allies on the continent. ‘But there are some in Brussels who do not want these talks to succeed. I thought trouble might be imminent when I saw her approaching the Downing Street lectern.

Who do not want Britain to prosper.’ Whack, whack, whack. She had just been to visit HM at Buck House for an official audience – telling the Monarch that Parliament had been dissolved and that there was going to be an election.

No doubt the Queen, with her faultless manners, expressed polite surprise, even if she had heard the possibility of an election being mentioned on the Classic FM news bulletins.

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