Pc companion not updating xperia s

There’s always a little trepidation about updating, but if you have a Sony Xperia device, then Xperia Companion is on hand to make life easier.View full description The trouble with smart phones, as they become ever more advanced and similar to computers, is keeping them up to date.That was it for me :) I wish that somewhere (adb, PC, phone, ...) something could have told me this long time ago.

Some users suggest that using the Sony PC Companion is a better option.Try opening up device manager and uninstalling what it is recognised as, then when you reinstall it, skip the first time it is recognised by the pc and it should be recognised as an ADB device the second time.The solution was to update the drivers using PC Companion.This software handles backups for you and gives easy access to your phone, plus, it’s totally free.Simply put, Xperia Companion runs on your PC and lets you have better access to a connected Xperia device.

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